General Questions

1.What is ALZA?
ALZA is a public blockchain. It based on innovative self-organized payment field, RaFi and DPOS consensus mechanisms. It is a new generation of blockchains that achieves a perfect balance between key elements such as scalability, security, and decentralization. It provides the basic platform for the extensive application of blockchain in the real business world.
2.How is the team?
ALZA engineers are mostly from Google. Please visit the official site for more details.
3.As a public chain, what is the core advantage of ALZA project?
ALZA solves several key flaws in the previous generations of public chains (BTC, ETH, EOS): It uses a chain of payouts and has extremely high scalability (million TPS, millisecond delays, and very low average procedures Rate). The off-chain payment field also enables ALZA to achieve 100% privacy of the transaction data. ALZA's DPOS consensus mechanism avoids the waste of the mining pool's computing power and prepares a strong calculation support for Dapp. ALZA's RaFi mechanism guarantees the decentralization of the platform which avoids monopoly and oligarchy and thus further enhances data security.
4.Why is it named ALZA?
Google's ALZA Plaza is the birthplace of our concept. It contains three executive buildings where Larry Page, Eric Schmidt used to work in. It also hosts google search, google assistant, google brain and other world-class influence projects.
5.What dApps can ALZA support in the future?
Almost all types of transactional activities are supported.
6.Where is ALZA's future commercial application value and why?
Extremely high scalability makes ALZA ideal for mobile payment and micropayment scenarios; Internet of Things (IOT) companies can use ALZA as the basic framework for communication between devices, saving costs and enabling compatible interactions between products from different vendors; Social platforms can use ALZA to create a decentralized online community and use ALZA's huge storage capacity (implemented by RaFi) to reduce the operating cost of the community; Game developers can also operate the mobile gaming base on ALZA to reduce global deployment Server costs and risks, etc.
7.What is the general plan for the ALZA project in 2018?
Please check our main page.
8.When is ICO happening?
ALZA is currently focusing on technology development, no financing plan yet.
9.Do we have any investment agency?
ALZA is currently focusing on technology development, no financing plan yet.
10.Is ALZA a public chain?
ALZA is a low latency, low fee and smart contract compatible public blockchain.
11.What are the competitors of ALZA?
ALZA is a blockchain that focuses on improving traditional public blockchain like Ethereum and EOS.
12.ALZA transfer costs are extremely low, for how much?
Normally, the transaction fee is negligible.
13.Corresponding to the circulation, the issue price and the benchmark project, how many times can ALZA be doubled?
Normally, the transaction fee is negligible.
14.Why is it a landmark change? Irreversible change?
Opening the era of low latency and low transaction fee. Bring blockchain into real life.
15.Is there any unexpected situation that will make ALZA zero value?
ALZA is a great project. We will influence the entire blockchain community.
16.When will it developed and available?
The delivery of test net is due on Q1 2019, and main net is due on Q2 2019.
17.How does ALZA achieve high scalability?
ALZA achieves millions of tps, millisecond delays, and very low average rates through its self-organizing payment field.
18.Is the project open source? Is ALZA's new technology possible to be copied and iterated by other project parties?
Yes our technology is open source. Anyone can download our source code just like anyone can download the Bitcoin source code.

Technical Questions

1.What is the consensus mechanism of ALZA? what is the benefit?
ALZA uses the DPOS consensus mechanism to avoid wasting computing power in meaningless decryption calculations.
2.What is self-organizing payment field?
In the traditional blockchain, each transaction must be confirmed by all nodes of the entire network. In the ALZA system, participants involved in the transaction will temporarily initiate the off-chain payment field, and the intermediate data is only open to the field participants. All participants in the field can conduct unlimited transactions. After the closing of all transactions, the payment field is closed and the final ledger status of the participants to the transaction will be uploaded to the chain.
3.Why can off-chain payment field achieve high scalability?
Because the transaction in the payment field does not need to be confirmed by the entire network, there is almost no data and computational pressure on the main chain. if necessary, a large number of parallel payment operations can be performed in parallel to solve the parallel expansion problem. Therefore, ALZA can achieve extremely high scalability, very low delays and cost.
4.What is on-demand global ledger settlement?
Most existed blockchain today settle funds per miner mining a block. ALZA delays the fund settlement to allow rapid transfer in the payment field. Fund settlement happens when the field leader decides to close the field.
5.Is the data in the payment field safe?
The transaction data in the payment field is only open to the participants, these data will be double checked with the main ledger.
6.What is RaFi? What problem is solved?
ALZA proposed the design of a redundant array of RaFi satellites to store transaction data and Dapp application data. RaFi regards each user as a storage node. The data is distributed and encrypted and stored redundantly in the storage space of all users.
7.Why using RaFi?
RaFi stripped control of data from super nodes and returned it to each user. The key transaction and privacy data are not monopolized by any organization or interested parties, enabling ALZA to use the supernode design while maintaining decentralized attributes.
8.What is privacy sentinel?
It is a scientific measurement that breaks up private data trunks and performs proper encryption. This measurement ensures fractions of data will not be easily put together to resolve to the original content.
9.If one day the currency rises as expensive as bitcoin. Will the transaction rate still be so fast? Transaction costs will still be so low?
If ALZA tokens become more valuable, the amount of network participants will proportionally increase. In the ALZA system, this means the potential to see proportionally more payment fields to coexist. The off-chain solution in ALZA keeps the transaction fee at bay and ensures the transaction speed does not fall.
10.How about decentralization? When the scaling problem is solved, it means that the degree of centralization is high?
That is inconsistent with the decentralized vision of the blockchain.The community participates in the master node election. They also delegate their tokens to the master node to express their trust. ALZA is an ecosystem completely drive by the community, and thus decentralized.
11.How does ALZA work off the chain?
Participants trade anonymously in the payment field, and the trail is auditable when uploaded onto the chain.
12.Why ALZA is better than EOS?
We employ the payment field technology, which makes the transaction volume go beyond what the master nodes can bear. We also invented the Rafi client which back up the blockchain with multiple copies resulting in more robustness.
13.Can it avoid DDos attacks?
First, our consensus mechanism can tolerate multiple master node machines DDos’ed to offline, in addition to the fact that our master node machines are voted to be robust and honest.
Secondly, we employ the Rafi system that back up the entire blockchain in the satellite nodes. Even though the master nodes are completely sabotaged, they can be resumed rapidly. This is the know safest measure in all DPOS cryptocurrencies.
14.How is the compatibility?
We plan to integrate atomic swap capability into our blockchain. Thus ALZA can be directly tradable with other cryptocurrencies without involving third party exchanges.
15.Will ALZA chain be split?
We as a company discourage forking, and will repute forking behavior through social media. However there is no way to ensure forking is forbidden, as bad guys can always purchase mining device and mine their desired result.
16.Does ALZA support smart contracts?